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Friday, July 25, 2008

Abaddon- Hard to Kill Avernus

Abaddon - The Lord of Avernus
Range: 100 | Move Speed: 295
Primary: STR
Str: 23 + 2.7 | Agi: 13 + 1.5 | Int: 17 + 2
Damage: 55 – 65 | HP: 587 | Mana: 221
HP Regen: 0.94 | Mana Regen: 0.69
Attack Speed: 1.48 | Armor: 3
A former paladin of great renown, Abaddon fell into darkness during the invasion of the Burning Legion, becoming possessed by many demons, corrupting both his soul and his powers. Now a Death Knight set high in the Lich King's hierarchy of generals, he rides into battle against impossible odds, never stopping until he reaches the World Tree itself. Whether enhancing his own fortitude with a shield of dark energy, or using his life force to aid in combat, the Lord of Avernus leads the armies of the Scourge ever onward, forever locked in combat with the forces of good, and his enemies who were once his greatest comrades.

Skill Build:
1. Aphotic Shield
2. Frostmourne
3. Aphotic Shield
4. Frostmourne
5. Aphotic Shield
6. Borrowed Time
7. Aphotic Shield
8. Frostmourne
9. Frostmourne
10. Death Coil
11. Borrowed Time
12. Death Coil
13. Death Coil
14. Death Coil
15. Stats
16. Borrowed Time
17. Stats
18. Stats
19. Stats
20. Stats
21. Stats
22. Stats
23. Stats
24. Stats
25. Stats

Item Build:


Denying creeps
Denying creeps is essencial for making your enemies underleveled. It prevents enemies from killing creeps. Thus, the enemy cannot farm well.

The chicken is needed to buy items while you are in battle or is away from the base. If you are pushing or near-death, quickly buy what you need before you die. If ever you died, at least you have bought a needed item.

Harrassing enemies
Casting Aphotic Shield on the creep that will be hit by the opposing team's creeps will be a big advantage for you if there are enemy heroes on the other side. When the Shield breaks, the enemy hero will take some damage. Then cast Death Coil on the enemy hero. Repeat the harrassing strategy over and over again. After some time, you have two choices to do. And they are:
1) If you are positive that you can kill the harrassed enemy, try a backstab.
2) If you are not positive that you can kill the harrassed enemy, just keep doing the harrassment. The enemy hero will be forced to go back. Giving time to push and keeping the enemy underleveled.

Killing enemy creeps and heroes

Killing creeps: There are several strategies on how to kill enemy creeps. Some of them are:
1) Hold your position and press the Alt button. Check all the enemy creeps' life. Calculate the time you get there with your current movement speed. After that, attack the low lifed creep for the last hit.
2) Keep hitting the creep. After some hits, wait before the last strike. When you are sure that your damage is efficient to kill the enemy creep, attack it.

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